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We look to build partnership programs where we can help your school Futsal/Football program via a tailor made Futsal/Football specific training program. These partnerships is a great way for the South Brisbane Futsal Club to recruit and develop emerging talent within the 6-18 year old age groups for both boys & girls. Club head coach Felipe Amorim says ‘This is a fantastic opportunity for both the club and players who are unfamiliar with Futsal. We hope that we can raise the profile of Futsal within schools and support further growth and develop Futsal as part of the sports curriculum and intra campus activities. With our help we also hope to bring some success at the Futsal/Football championships school may enter in future. As a club we want to be able to share our enthusiasm and expertise in the sport. The fact that some of these children could possibly become our players of the future is a great prospect. The club now has some brilliant Futsal coaches that have experience of playing in high level Futsal competitions. As well as this our players like to get involved and go into schools to demonstrate their skills. Passing Futsal onto young children so we have more of them playing is a big part of what we can do.’